Check out these episode highlights:

01:38 – What inspired JV Crum III to write “Conscious Millionaire”?

02:37 – What does it mean to be conscious?

03:55 – Why do some entrepreneurs reach their First Million and continue to thrive while so many fail?

05:01 –  What is a Big Impact Vision?

05:43 – There are 7 habits in your book. If you could only choose one to develop, which would it be and why?

07:09 – JV’s Website Address.

Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:

"I want people to get to the money part doing something that fulfils them and helps the world become a better place. Then I will know it is a meaningful journey and a financially successful world." - @jvcrum Click To Tweet "The formula for creating wealth is; Conscious Focused Action" - @jvcrum Click To Tweet "Make an Impact in order to create wealth - @ jvcrum Click To Tweet "What is the right thing to do at any given moment? If you use this as a guideline to building your business then you will build great customer relationships as well." - @jvcrum Click To Tweet

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