Check out these episode highlights:

01:19 – How can you be an effective leader in business?

02:51 – How can you be an effective leader in your personal life?

03:43 – Why is everyone a leader?

04:19 – Why truly is burning out our leaders?

05:02 – Why is this important to know?

06:02 – What’s the top advice you would give to a developing leader today?

06 :40 – Livia’s Website Address.


Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:

"For a leader in business figure out what is your zone of genius and delegate everything else to the experts" - @JenveyCoaching Click To Tweet "Being a 100% focused on your career can be draining after a while if you do not include important personal life activities" - @JenveyCoaching Click To Tweet "As a leader it is important to take care of yourself first so as to be effective in leading others" - @JenveyCoaching Click To Tweet "Figure out what you are really good at and get team members to handle the rest" - @JenveyCoaching Click To Tweet

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