Check out these episode highlights:

00:57 – Can I lead if I don’t have the title?

01:46 – What kind of leadership is needed right now?

02:29 – If I wanted to excel what leadership gaps should I look for?

04:19 – Is WHAT I do or HOW I do it important as WHO I am?

05:31 – What can I do to bring out my greatness?

07 :10 – Lolly’s Website Address.

Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:

"The definition of Leadership is; to make an impact on someone else. Think about your life as little small nuggets of moments and how you can make an impact on other individuals" - @LollyDaskal Click To Tweet "You cannot rely on someone else to make you great. You have to first lead from within. Find out who you are in order to make an impact on yourself and others " - @LollyDaskal Click To Tweet "There is greatness in all of us. We just have to take ownership of it" - @LollyDaskal Click To Tweet "For anything you want to do in the world you must identify self. WHO you are before you can do the how the what, the when, the where and even the why. The WHO is the deepest level of what we need to work on" - @LollyDaskal Click To Tweet

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