Check out these episode highlights:

01:00 –  How  do  you  differentiate  yourself  from  other  performance  coaches?

02:15 –  Clear definition of coaching.      

03:46 –  What  makes  you  uniquely  qualified  to  help  your  clients  to  succeed?

06:27 –  What  is  your  latest  project  that  you  are  working  on  and  bringing  to the  world?

08:35 –  Machen’s Website address

Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:

" It is not who we think we are that holds us back, it is who we think we are not " - @ MachenMacDonald Click To Tweet " True coaching is having these very excruciating provocative questions that get people to start to chip away this armor that they have built over their lifetime and start to get a sense of what their gold really is " - @… Click To Tweet " Being an entrepreneur, being a business owner is the most courageous anyone can really do - @ MachenMacDonald Click To Tweet " There is a difference in mentality between somebody who signs in front of a cheque versus the person who signs the back of a cheque - @ MachenMacDonald Click To Tweet " When we are clear with what we want, what we want shows up - @ MachenMacDonald Click To Tweet

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