<strong>Check out these episode highlights:</strong>

01:42 – How to improve the quality of your life

02:11 – Why do people (you) do what they (you) do?

03:48 – What skill should all people learn?

08 :20 – Michael’s Website Address.

Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:

"Gratitude - think of three things you are thankful for the day, that gives you a positive feeling leading to positive energy and better sleep " - @mistermindset Click To Tweet "Learn to clear out your mind. Take rest. Be quiet." - @mistermindset Click To Tweet "Emotions are a result of a thought you had and the meaning you gave to that thought" - @mistermindset Click To Tweet " We have too much going on in life, our attention is distracted all day long. Learn to give yourself a time of peace and quietness" - @mistermindset Click To Tweet

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