Check out these episode highlights:

00:59 –  How  did  it  come  about  that  you  wrote  your  book,  Referral  Harvester?

01:53 –  How  has  referrals  impacted  your  own  business?

02:34 –  What’s the basis of referral system?

03:43 –  How are you building those relationships and keeping contact?

04: 25 –  How  can  business  owners  get  more  referrals?

05: 19 –  How  much time  would you put in the referral system in a week?

06:13 –  Tiana’s Website address

Tweetable Takeaways from this Episode:

" If you want business referrals to happen consistently you need to be proactive, you need to make it happen " - @ talkingtiana Click To Tweet " 92.6% of my new business comes from referrals, from past and current clients " - @ talkingtiana Click To Tweet " Make sure you consistently stay in touch with the people who feed you with referrals. Build a real authentic relationship with them. If it is not real do not bother "- @ talkingtiana Click To Tweet " Have real personal touch with clients by sending them simple gifts that may not be high in monetary value, but high in emotional value" - @ talkingtiana Click To Tweet " If you are not going to ask for a referral, chances are you are not going to get one" - @ talkingtiana Click To Tweet

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