Check out these episode highlights:

01:22 – What Tell us a little about the back story behind Leadsology® – how did it all start is the problem within most teams?

02:22 – You write a lot about what you don’t like about marketers which seems strange give that you are one yourself. Tell us about that.

03:34 – In your last book you talk about the ineffectiveness of “Hugh Jackman Marketing”, can you explain what that’s about?

05:22 – Another thing you say, and I quote “97% of marketing attempts are doomed to failure because of a lack of one vital ingredient”. What’s that ingredient?

06:24 – Differentiation is big for you. How do professionals get noticed and get the message across that they offer is different and more desirable?

07 :33 – Tom’s Website Address.


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"As marketers we need to create an opportunity for our prospects to get to know us " - @tompoland Click To Tweet "Create a name for your service and register it" - @tompoland Click To Tweet "When you combine the oldest proven marketing method - speaking to a groups of people with the newest marketing method, the internet - you get a very effective lead generation method" - @tompoland Click To Tweet

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