What other’s have said about Shane Spiers’ work

Shane has helped us transform our growing business and develop a full 360-degree approach to establishing a smart, healthy, fast-growing organisation. He’s enabled us to create a strategic focus, embed discipline and cultivate an environment for performance. Shane is the genuine article, the real deal and you can trust him to deliver on his promises”

Ella Spira & Pietra Mello-Pittman
Founders & Owners, Sisters Grimm

Shane helped us transform the way we develop performance across our business. His approach enabled us to build a values-driven culture and create an organisation where our people perform at their very best.

Dr Jonathan Hiscock
MD, Fundamentals Ltd

The business plan for next 3 years was more in my head than anything tangible and activity lead. Engaging Shane to work with me and the senior team on making it a living thing was a priority.  Over two days we explored all aspects of the business including people, operations, finance and sales and marketing, identifying their relative strengths and the weaknesses.  With the help of Shane we constructed a 3 year business plan identifying and agreeing actions to achieve it.  Shane’s approach was positive, supportive as well as challenging whilst providing everybody with the time and space to have their say.  His knowledge, experience and approach were just what we needed and look forward to continuing working with him.

James Larter
MD, Roleplay UK

I observed Shane demonstrate real strength in getting a senior leadership team engaged in building a clear and focused plan and then holding each other to account in execution of that plan. This coupled with his ability to understand people and behaviours, to lead by example, and build trust, created an environment where the team performed at their best and delivered great results.

Richard Smith
CEO, Unite Students

Shane has an outstanding ability to get a leadership team focused on the things that matter most in their business at any given moment and then consistently deliver results. He understands how to transition leaders from entrepreneurial to managed growth at a pace that is right for them. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Nick Medhurst
Chairman, Property Sector

Shane has a real strength in leading, motivating and managing teams. He is a man of the utmost integrity and fully commits himself to the task in hand. He brings a strategic perspective to an organisation as well as an ability to keep people engaged through turbulent periods of change. His insight into people and behaviour and his ability to inspire trust ensures an environment where people can perform at their best.

Chris Shipman
Chairman, Orchard & Shipman Group PLC

I have worked with Shane through many highs and lows of building a successful business. His core strength lies in his ability to get a team aligned to a clear strategy and to hold individuals ‘feet to the fire’ in the delivery of the plan. Shane works in a way that challenges people to think big, yet focus on the task in hand, and to be accountable for their own outcomes.

John Tonkiss
CEO, McCarthy & Stone

Of all the executives and consultants I have worked with, Shane best holds the tension between commercial reality and people. He brings strong financial, operational and interpersonal skills to develop and implement strategy successfully.

Dr Andrew Lee
CEO, BDD Solutions

I serve as a strategic advisor to CEOs of leading global companies on strategy attainment and business transformation. Working with Shane, I have come to see that his own strengths lie precisely in these areas. I would recommend him unequivocally to business leaders who might be struggling with strategy execution, performance improvement or organizational change.

Susan Lucia Annunzio
President and CEO, Center for High Performance

Shane Spiers

Shane is a Business Scaling Strategist and accomplished leader with SME, mid-sized and FTSE 250 company experience. The predominant part of his career has been leading and scaling seven, eight & nine-figure rapid growth companies.

His roles have included CEO of a 25 million enterprise providing services to central and local government, MD of a 240 million business unit responsible for leading a team of over 1000 people operating in 135 sites in 23 cities.

One of his greatest successes included being part of leadership team that grew a real estate business 2000%, from SME to FTSE 250 company, in 8 years.